Geothermal Heating

What is it?

• A system of home heating that uses heat from underground to heat your home

How does it work?

• The earth absorbs large amounts of solar energy throughout the year and remains a constant temperature not too far beneath the ground
o This makes it a much more efficient source of temperature control compared to using the air which varies wildly between the winter and summer
• Uses a closed loop that contains water
• Pumps the water down into the ground, where the water is heated to the temperature of the earth
• The water then returns to the home, where the heat from the water is transferred to the home


• Pumps work at extremely high efficiencies, which mean they use less electricity than other home temperature systems, and save homeowners money
• Gas furnaces are 98% efficient, while geothermal systems can reach 400 – 600% efficiency
• Heats and cools your home with the same system


• Not all homes are in suitable locations for geothermal systems
o Especially in Ontario with the Canadian shield

Other Information