Solar Panels and Shingles

What are they?

• Photovoltaic cells that use the sun’s energy and convert it into electricity
• Solar shingles are solar panels that have been designed to look like roof shingles, but still function as effectively as a regular solar panel

How do they work?

• The photoelectric effect
o Some materials will release electrons when they are struck with a photon of light
o These electrons are harnessed to create a current, and thus, electricity


• Significantly reduces energy costs, because solar panels cost nothing to operate
• It is estimated that after 20 years, electricity savings from solar panels can range between $20,000-$65,000
• Energy self-sufficiency
o Power companies can’t control the sun
o No grid blackouts
• Solar shingles are created from a durable glass, that is supposed to last the lifetime of your house
• Solar shingles are also cheaper than installing roofing and solar panels on your roof


• Intermittent power source
o However, home powering batteries are beginning to be produced, so this may not be an issue in the near future

Other Information

• Government rebates