Join us July 7th for the grand opening of The Corner Garden!

Hosted at our new Bracebridge Head Office, just steps from downtown, RiverStone Environmental Solutions Inc., Muskoka Conservancy and Fowler, with support from Northway Gardeners, the Evergreen Foundation, Canada 150 and the Muskoka Community Foundation, are currently busy landscaping the historic Perry House property in preparation of a demonstration site to showcase options landowners and developers have when targeting land development with a lower impact to the environment, while still maintaining an aesthetic and functional appeal.

Fowler Construction has already been busy moving material and soil and installing the latest innovative, eco-friendly parking lot materials to get ready for Northway Gardeners to replace some of the exotic and invasive species with flowers and shrub species that are native to the Muskoka region -just a few of the low-impact development ideas that will be part of The Corner Garden experience.

The Corner Garden will also be your one-stop place to learn about sensitive landscaping and gardening techniques such as ways you can:
• Identify and control invasive species
• Conserve rain water
• Reduce pesticide and fertilizer use
• Assimilate your property into the natural landscape
• Identify and choose native plants in landscape designs
• Learn about the traditional use of native garden species
• Enhancing biodiversity
• Reduce stormwater run-off
• Apply the best permeable parking materials
• Enhance wildlife use in your area
• Attract pollinators such as native bees and butterflies
• Do your part in the fight against climate change

Feel free to swing by the corner of 47 Quebec Street and view our work-in-progress or click here to learn more and keep up to date on our progress, or inquire about a guided tour. And don’t forget to join us at The Corner Garden on July 7th for our grand opening!