Ferns: The Ultimate Shade Garden

Walking through almost any shady forest you have probably noticed that where there is a shady, moist area there are ferns.

Although landscaping with ferns may not be common there are many benefits to including them in your next garden project. Ferns native to Ontario come in many shapes, sizes and colors so there is a perfect fit for any garden. Because these plants love the shade they are low maintenance and easy to grow.

Generally in shady areas of any property it is difficult for plants and grass to thrive so planting ferns in these tricky places is a good alternative.

Criss-cross Lady Fern

Here at The Corner Garden the back half of the garden is shaded by large trees. We have six different types of ferns planted in the shade around the property.

  1. Lady in Red Fern
  2. Christmas Fern
  3. Sweet Fern
  4. Criss-cross Lady Fern
  5. Maidenhair Fern
  6. Toothed Wood Fern

The best time to plant ferns is in the spring, they love rich soil so ensure that the site where the ferns are to be planted is prepared with lots of rich organic matter and composted soil. Make sure you give your new ferns lots of water until they have established themselves in your garden.

When planting ferns don’t be afraid to incorporate old tree stumps and garden art into your landscaping project.

To learn more about the other native species in our garden visit:

Native Species

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