Welcome to the world of organic gardening!

We love our vertical gardens!

Here at The Corner Garden we have two vertical gardens that were made out of recycled palettes. We chose to paint our vertical gardens a neutral earth tone.

After the assembly was finished we filled up our vertical garden with herbs, fruits, veggies and flowers.

R+V – Vertical Gardens

Along with our vertical gardens we have blueberry bushes growing in our garden and we harvested our first batch of berries this week!

There are so many benefits to growing your own food! For starters it saves you money. Sure there are initial costs for buying the plant or seed but after that you have a supply of fruits, and herbs for a whole growing season. Chances are you will also have enough to freeze or can to eat during the colder months of the year.

Did you know that when you buy food in a grocery store its average travel distance was 2400 kilometers? Which is equivalent of driving from Muskoka Ontario to Miami Florida. All of that travel adds up and creates air and water pollution, so growing your own produce and buying local can help minimize these effects.

Fresh home grown produce also means more nutrients and flavor that store bought goods may be lacking.

Get out in the sunshine and start gardening!

Start small, pot a few tomato plants and maybe some lettuce, add on every year until you have a full vegetable garden!

Happy Growing!

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