Tapping the Corner Garden

Spring is on it’s way! A sure sign that the seasons are changing, is the smell of maple in the air! March is the perfect time of year to get outside, tap your maple trees, collect the sweet sap and make some syrup!

The Corner Garden is home to Sugar Maple trees that provide the only ingredient necessary for making maple syrup. As the temperatures begin to rise slightly above zero degrees during the day, and then drop back down below zero degrees at night, it’s time to tap! RiverStone staff took advantage of the ideal temperatures this year and collected about 80 litres of sap from the trees at the Corner Garden. The sap was then boiled down and produced about a litre of syrup and about a litre of maple sugar. For every 40 litres of sap that is collected boils down to about 1 litre of syrup. The season was short, but we’re already looking forward to next year when we can collect and boil the sap right here in the Corner Garden for visitors to enjoy!

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